The Lighter Side of Me

Going For A Ride On the Orlando “Eye”

At the Young Living Essential Oil Farm and Distillery, Utah

  1. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After high school, moved to Sarasota, Florida.
  2. Part of my daily routine, includes working out on my Goga Machine (vibration-plate).
  3. Enjoy my green smoothie every day.
  4. Love Smooth Jazz music. Enjoy dancing with my partner.
  5. I like to do my daily yoga, enjoy good feeling of being grounded with balance.
  6. Absolutely love playing the sport Pickleball. Check it out on Google / YouTube. Play it often with my awesome partner, Bill.  Check his blog here:

  7. Faith-wise, I am SBNR, Spiritual but not religious.
  8. I really enjoy diffusing my favorite essential oils every day, practicing homeopathic remedies for a balanced alternative healthy lifestyle. This creates homeostasis in my body.
  9. My diet includes eating delicious Paleo & Mediterranean foods. Also, love chocolate and nuts. My favorite local lunch restaurant is Café Evergreen (Nokomis, FL).
  10. Enjoy watching a good sci-fi and I am a Trekkie.
  11. Enjoy traveling to new places and revisiting some really cool places I have been.
  12. There are a lot of different personality tests. On the color chart, I’m a definite Red, with a touch of Green, with Blue & Yellow sprinkles.
  13. Enjoy reading and when time allows I like listening to audiobooks when I am traveling. 14. Love learning new things in all forms. Podcasts, books, documentaries, art, lectures, museums and going to conferences.
  14. Love the water and the beach. In It ~ On It ~ Under It. I’m all over it and it’s all good.
  15. Going for a relaxing walk in nature is quite nurturing for me.
  16. My hope is that this website helps you meet your goals and brings you some value and the joy of empowerment. Encourage your feedback and comments.

Beautiful! Panoramic Picture from Niagara Fall, New York

Meet The Team

Our Approach

With over 25 years experience, Laurie is passionate with helping small to mid-size business owners and entrepreneurs set up their businesses with the introspective keen insight that encompasses all aspects of running a successful business.

From Accounting management to Business management there are methodologies that each business needs to know about. Laurie’s mission is to have a larger impact on helping more and more business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success.

Our Story

For the past seven years, Laurie is an business entrepreneur software accounting practice in the Southern Tampa Area.

Laurie is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. She has been practicing and helping many clients in various industries with business and accounting set-up, training, implementation, process engineering, and business management.

Laurie is expanding her consulting practice to larger groups to have a greater impact with helping business owners set-up, grow, and manage their businesses.

Laurie Letzo

Founder & CEO

Bill Sklodowski

Social Media / Online Marketing Consultant

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